How to Take Good Pictures Using Your Old Smartphone Camera

If you own a decent smartphone, you bought a few years ago, you do not have to go to fret a lot about taking nice shots. Of course, they will not be comparable to shots taken by the latest iPhones and Samsung phones.You still can get decent pictures out of them. And as long as you are not enrolling for a professional photo contest, the following photography tips should suffice to help create memorable albums with a smartphone camera.
I used an iPhone 4 to capture all pictures that feature in this article and if they are not the perfect ones out there, they should just about make a good enough album for posterity.
A camera on the phone is a miniature device and can only do much being what it is. In the following collection of paragraphs, I have looked at situations in which you will find yourself trying to capture decent pictures. Having found myself in similar situations, I give you basic photography tips and techniques in order for you to capture some nice moments. 1. Day Time and Baby Ph…

Festive season for kids

The festive season is definitely over but the memories remain. And it can never feel better without the excitement of the little ones.

Source of River Nile

The photo above was taken at the point which marks the beginning of the River Nile, in Jinja Uganda. Lake Victoria, which is fed by a  number of tributaries from the countries around the great lakes region, is what actually feeds water to River Nile. The river then moves through Sudan and finally to the Mediterranean Sea in Egypt.

Cultural Blend

A photo taken in Mukono - Uganda. In the picture, an attempt is made to merge two different cultural designs. The end result is certainly beautiful: A  local grass thatch roof and a modern wall, crafted from cement.

Beautiful food Safari

Uganda is a lovely country with quite alot of things to write and talk about.

For today let me give you just alittle info about food plants.

Recently when I was out there touring places,
I decided to capture two basic plants
which are sources of very popular food types
that are cherished by Ugandans.

Depending on where you come from in this country
(The East, West, Central and the North),
Staple foods vary from Matooke (bananas), posho (maize bread),
millet bread, and Cassava.

Today I have captured for you the plants for cassava and matooke.

Kampala's Taxis on safari

My photo for today gives you a glimpse into the hustle and bustle of Uganda’s transport industry. My camera just captured a cross section of the city’s main taxi park, – an assemblage of commuter taxis that operate across the country, to the city.

When in Uganda, and Kampala in particular, the image above is a regular feature. In order to travel to different parts of the country, the commuter taxis is a preferred option. These Japanese Toyota brand vans are popularly known as Kamunye, and in the neighboring Kenya matatu.

Transport in this country is marred by bad road but this does not stop the people from plowing all sorts of roads in search for money. Almost on a daily basis, new cars are introduced into the highways and apparently, the taxi owners seem to be in business.

The bad road in the city is quickly worked upon as the country is preparing for the Commonwealth Heads of State Meeting (CHOGM) that is just months away.

Fancy yourself in these kamunyes? Some in the country loathe…

Somalia Is Beautiful in Photos

A friend of mine took a safari to Somali capital Mogadishu a few
weeks ago! He came back with some photos taken across the country. Of course many of us would expect these photos
to be rather negative, not withstanding what the country has gone through. But I decided to dig through the photos and I picked some which may not 'necessarily' give positive impressions about the country and the city, but, speaks a different language
about what Somalia may and should have looked like were it not for the internal squabbles. In these photos one can genuinely see that Somalia may not actually be as ugly… (See
whatever lies beneath the ruins). Yes, the city may have been gunned and vandalized down recklessly,
but on reading between the lines you will see some degree of beauty. It is true that Africa goes through lots of mayhem as perpetuated by its leaders,
but behind it all there is beauty and serenity.